Before we begin, I’d like to state that my blog is currently ‘under construction’ so I hope you’ll take a cookie as my apology! Thank you for your patience.

Weclome to my blog, Me, By Me. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy your stay as I introduce you to the man behind the magic & your host for the evening, me!

My name is Danny Butler and I live in a little known place called England – specifically Manchester (Think, a working mans London). I’m 23 years young with a passion for fashion; that passion being the driving force behind the creation of this very blog. I hope to entertain, educate by you and myself in the process and one day, in the future, would love this to become my life – a guy a dream, right? My blog is still in its early days but Rome wasn’t built in a day so I hope to create a fashion and general lifestyle blog fit for a king and have something that I am proud to call my own and display on my very own little piece of the big, bad internet world.

So, whether your sizzle for style has attracted you here or by sheer coincidence, I hope you will stay with me for this adventure that only promises to get better and who knows? Maybe sometime in the future I’ll be next blogging celebrity (dreams again) and if not, then I will always be proud of trying and even if I entertain just one person, it has all been worth it! Thank you for reading this and any feedback, comments and likes would be warmly welcomed.





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