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5 Reasons Why I’m a Wrestling Fan

So I’ve just returned from a 5 day trip to London which I hope to feature in some future posts in the coming weeks. The main reason I adventured down to my capital city is to catch the latest live shows of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. And while I had a wonderful time, it got my thinking about one thing in particular – every time I mentioned to anyone the reason for my visit I would be scoffed at and asked the same question

“Why do you watch wrestling anyway?”

And so I decided to make a post about  just why exactly I enjoy wrestling and hopefully quell a few haters out there who think it is just for children. Oh, one more thing before I begin – Yes, I’m well aware wrestling is fake!


1. A Unified Crowd Is A Happy Crowd

A wrestling crowd is unique and different to any other sports crowd in the world. We are all at the event to watch a good wrestling show and cheer on our favourite performers. We don’t fight with each other, we don’t hate each other because we like different superstars – we all join together and create magical moments (see ‘Fandangoing’). You never hear of WWE events breaking down into riots and chaos because John Cena won yet another world title; although one more win may just push us over the edge.

Maybe it’s because we all know wrestling is scripted or that we are all there just for a good time, but every live event I’ve attended has been the best kind of atmosphere you can find anywhere. The only bar brawls we desire are the ones between Steve Austin and The Rock.

johncenarock2. A Good Match Creates Good Drama & Storytelling

Just a quickie to my wrestling fan buddies – I know the irony of using John Cena vs The Rock to picture a good match point but it’s a good screenshot so just Bolieve.

Because wrestling is a scripted affair, WWE has the power to create it’s own magic in a bottle and when they do get it right, it is truly magical. A great match has the ability to draw people in, create pace and drama and for a short while, enables us to suspend our disbelief and actually people the competitors are actually fighting for their lives; the ultimate tale of a fan favourite underdog facing all the odds to overcome the big, tyrannical bully of the world and making all his dreams come true as he raises the WWE Title high above his head.

But a good wrestling match is supported by a great build up and a powerful storyline. Twists and turns to create memorable moments and iconic images are what draws back for more every time.

dolphziggler3. Everyone is their own booking team

Because we acknowledge wrestling is scripted, we all have own our idea of how we would like storylines and superstars to progress. With the birth of the internet came along the IWC – Internet Wrestling Community and everyone has an opinion, all bursting with ideas for new storylines and ways of pushing superstars. This healthy discussion creates buzz within the wrestling world and ensures that it will never become a stale sport (yes, I called it a sport). While some people are happy with John Cena remaining the top dog, other people want other stars to have their chance to shine such as Bad New Barrett, Dolph Ziggler & Cody Rhodes and this kind of distinction and difference is what keeps the community alive and we all respectfully enjoy sharing our voices and opinions.


4. There’s Enough Variety For Everyone To Enjoy

Whilst it’s true the current WWE product is P.G. rated and therefore aimed towards children, there is enough diversity for everyone to find something they will enjoy and be entertained by within the company. If you do enjoy child friendly content, then Santino Marella and Fandango will accommodate for you; if something a little darker is for your thing then the Wyatt Family and Kane will see to that for you and if you are a guy – the delightful divas are always on hand. From crazy chicks, rosebuds and bizarre ones to preachers, intellectual saviours and Swiss Supermen, there is most certainly something for everyone.

I challenge to find another sport with as much flexibility and variety in it’s product that can deliver a wide range of action within one ring than wrestling does. And if you can’t, then sit back, strap yourself into the exotic express and stop being a bitter little lemon!

WM28%20photo5. Wrestlemania. Baby!

Wrestlemania is the Superbowl or Cup Final of wrestling. It’s the grandest stage in the world. It’s the entertainment extravaganza. It’s the granddaddy of them all. Okay, you get the point – Wrestlemania is big. Every fan gets excited at Wrestlemania season, beginning with the Royal Rumble in January and ending with the spectacular in April. With Wrestlemania 30 in the history books it has a rich, extensive backstory spanning 30 years and only goes from strength to strength with this years filling the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with 75,167 fans.

The storylines leading up to Wrestlemania and usually the best all year, featuring the biggest of stars hyping up the event and getting us all giddy for the night. It is a wonderful time to be a wrestling fan and I plan on attending Wrestlemania 31 next year in California, even if The Undertaker’s streak is over.

So, I hope I have at least stirred up an interest in wrestling for people who read this and justified the reasons why it is my sport of choice. And if I haven’t – “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news” Sorry, just a hometown hero mark out moment for me.

Until next time!



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  1. If I could re-blog this I totally would! You outlined every reason I watch. And those crowds were electric from what I could tell from my TV.

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