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Monday Lookbook – Floral Prints

Welcome to the 2nd edition of my weekly instalment of The Monday Lookbook. Today we will be featuring the biggest print of the summer – the floral print.

Now don’t flinch when I say floral print and think of all those oversized Hawaiian shirts that everyone sees on holidays. No, no, no. This reinvention of a classic print is much more acceptable. With many big name designers jumping on board there is something for everyone and the beauty of such a trend is that you can go as loud or as subtle as you dare. So with summer just around the corner, go and grab yourself a floral print garment now.


Tips & Tricks

– For beginners, try a simple accessory such as a tie, scarf or simply a pair of socks to show off your floral nature and then you can slowly upgrade to the polo’s, shirt’s and jackets.

– Layering is key when it comes to toning down an item. You can throw on a lightweight jacket over your shirt as to make sure the print isn’t completely in your face and doesn’t take over the outfit.

– Only one print per outfit! I can’t stress this enough when it comes to loud prints such as these. If you try to pair it with another print it can become to busy and confuse the eye which is something nobody wants.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I would love any feedback or thoughts in the comments section on next weeks Lookbook. Until next time!


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