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Blogging 101 Challenge Day 30 – First Step Completed!

As most of you are aware by now, I have been participating in the Blogging 101 30 Day Challenge to begin my adventure into the blogging universe and today marks day number 30 and with it, the completion of the challenge! With this post I hope to provide a retrospective of my accomplishments and my expriences on my first step of this 1000 mile journey.

As I said before, I starting this challenge to help get myself on the ladder and get my blog started off in the right direction. Whilst it has armed me with the technical knowledge required to expand my blog such as widgets and pages, the most useful aspect I’ve found of the experience has been the access to a wonderful community; people who are in the same situation therefore sharing ideas and supporting each other. Without this network, I probably wouldn’t have recieved the feedback needed and started to gain followers like I have. So for that, I have to thank everyone involved in this challenge.

On a more personal note, some of the assignments have focused on content that goes into our blogs; these have helped me evolve my creations are set up an editoral calender which I am trying my best to stick to (and having a blast at the same time!) It has taught me the importance of a schedule mixed with spontaneous posts. I have started to adapt to this by having my first regular feature – a lookbook every Monday (be sure to check it out! Shameless plug.)

Looking into the future, I hope to evolve and adapt my writing style as I am aware that it is currently in dire need of work. I will also continue to construct my blog and give it more interesting layout and features which will hopefully gain more traction and followers, something which I look forward to as it means I get to network with all you lovely people!

As a final word, I just want to say thank you to everyone for supporting me on my first step on my journey, every hit counts, every follower matters and I can’t express enough gratitude to you all. Big thank you!

Until next time!



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