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Monday Lookbook – Denim Jacket

“Todays Assignment: develop a regular feature for your blog”

For today’s challenge, we have been tasked with creating a recurring feature for our blogs so what better way to start off my first actual fashion related post. I’ve decided to try a ‘Monday Lookbook’ feature; each week I will analyse a different item of clothing and give a few picture examples of outfits that you can wear everyday. And for the starting entry I’ve gone for one of my favourite pieces.

The Denim Jacket

The power of a denim jacket can’t be exaggerated enough – toughness, durability and flexibility all rolling into one convenient, distressed jacket. Denim as a material is like a fine wine – it only improves with ages. I would recommend picking one up in a light wash as this can be a transitional item seeing right through summer into the winter months. A darker wash won’t fit in very well in the warmer months, instantly making any item you put with it a darker, heavier feel.

A denim jacket can be thrown on with anything underneath and look stylish in a casual setting. Just remember though if your challenging the double denim vibe – no matching washes! It really should be a criminal offense! In a more formal setting? Try yours on with a gingham shirt, knitted tie and a pair or khaki or grey chinos, finished off with some tan brogues for the true sophisticated gentleman feel.

So go grab yourself one and I promise you, you won’t remember how you ever lived without one!

denim lookbook

 Until next time!


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