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My Summer Hitlist – The 5 Things I Can’t Be Without

As summer is right around the corner (as wet and overcast as summer is here in England) it’s time I got prepared for the event – put your tuxedos and bowties away gents! – and give you an insight to what my summer is shaping up to look like. So, here goes nothing, my Top 5 countdown of summer essentials because, well, who doesn’t love a good countdown?


 The Location


A city break is the way to go this year – because warm beaches and hot sun is so overrated! This year I’m planning a week long trip to the capital of our glorious nation, visiting the sights and catching a wrestling show that is hitting the town. Yeah, I said wrestling – some people never grow up! I decided that I’ve lived in this country long enough it would be a sin to not see everything London has to offer. From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, I plan to take it all in, but mainly it is for a cheeky shopping trip to the grand Oxford Road – London won’t know what’s hit it! (either London or my bank account, I’m genuinely concerned for it’s safety).

4AA5E31591275463BDB5B35C21960 The Fashion

Floral Prints

Summer just isn’t a season of sun without a wardrobe update and what better why to declare the presence of heat that with a key trend print – floral. With floral prints set to take off massively this year, it would be rude not to pick up one (or two, go on then, three). For starters, grab yourself a printed shirt and layer it up over a white t-shirt, under a statement jacket or simply thrown on with a pair of shorts and shoes that show off that wonderful ankle cleavage! An alternative would be a polo shirt for the more casual days or it can be implemented through accessories such as ties, socks or a trilby. And remember, the bolder the better!


The T.V. Show

Game of Thrones

Now, everyday can’t be gallivanting about with youthful hijinks in mind, and for those chilled out days indoors when the weather does drop, nothing beats a good session of Game of Thrones – only be best ever show on television. It’s literally becoming a problem in my life; I have become a Monday hermit in fear of missing an episode of the latest season. Want to know what all the hype is about? In a nutshell, Game of Thrones is dragons, swords and boobies – what’s not to love! Oh, and for the ladies there is Kit Harington. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to re-watch Season 4 again before I go cold turkey.

92bc315a (2)The Festival

Radio 1 Big Weekend

A festival in the summer is an unwritten rule for teenagers. Either be there or be without an awesome line-up of some of the coolest acts around today. And what better festival to attend this year than BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Sure the location might not be ideal – sunny, warm Glasgow, Scotland – but that just adds to the glorious muddy fun for 3 days. With the likes of Katy Perry, One Direction, Coldplay and Calvin Harris, there is sure to be someone there that will be to your liking and as the old saying goes “what happens I Glasgow…”. Ok, maybe not that last bit but get yourself down there!

The Soundtrack

5 Seconds of Summer

What would any time of year be without some great music to enjoy the finer things in life; sun, friends and a perfectly tailored suit. And my song of choice for this summer is an offering from new Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer titled “She Looks So Perfect”. With a great summer vibe to rival even Avicii’s new offering “Addicted To You” it is the perfect mix of upbeat tempo and rocky undertones. Taking influences from the likes of One Direction, these young guys look likely to take to the stage this year and have a cracking 2014. And if not, well this song has seen me through the sunny season.

And there we have it, my top 5 summer hit list. I hope you enjoyed reading through these selections and would love to hear your choices for each category or even any top 5 list of things you can’t be without this year.

Until next time!




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