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25 Letter Alphabet – Is It Possible?

Today’s blogging assignment is to publish a post based on our own, personalized take on a prompt we have seen on our internet travels. So whilst looking through the 365 Writing Prompts ebook one particular March entry caught my eye:

“The English language contains 26 letters and we need every single letter and as evidence, try writing a post using only 25 letters.”

Could be exciting, I thought to little old me, and so we have todays prompt to go along with today’s challenge! Once I picked a letter to curse and abolish, I set to work on this very post that you are reading right now. I could have gone the easy route and picked a 10 score letter in Scrabble like Z or X but where’s the enjoyment in that? I sit here, having to plan every word and sentence I type with the blacklisted letter written down next to me, chuckling at me as I press my delete button once again to undo the dreaded dark-side letter. And then it hits me – I’m rambling without much purpose so I’ll try and describe my day using my new 25 letter alphabet.

Nothing much beyond the usual to be honest, just that hobby people call work (in case your wondering, I work at Manchester Airport, pop in and say hi sometime!). The highlight being we got to do some product training, resulting in drinking many various naughty liquids, all whilst being paid – sweet! Then it was a quick retreat home; a nap was overdue with me having to wake up at 4am to attend work – not so sweet! And now I sit here writing to you guys with nothing but a cup containing tea, slightly tired eyes and my 25 letter alphabet, all whilst managing to avoid that tempting 26th letter, my Achilles Heel. And you know, I’ve just realised I’ve not had to reach towards the delete button in at least 3 sentences, a new record! I must be getting good at this game.

And with that, I have successfully completed my challenge, writing a prompt and with only a 25 letter alphabet. What was the letter in question you might ask? Well now, that would be telling! I’d love to know in  the comments when you guess what letter is missing in this post and I ‘d love to read everybody else attempt this challenge, it brought enjoyment by the buckets!

Until next time! Laters!



  1. Only just found this, great post. I actually had to skim the first few lines of your post before i figured out what letter was missing. Confirmation came when you wrote “reach towards” instead of “reach for”. What a fantasic effort. Very creative use of the prompt.

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