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O.O.T.D. – 24th April 2014

With spring rolling in, winter still refuses to let go completely. With a chill still in the air today, I was feeling a little more rugged with my outfit decision. The key to tackling these weird transitional months I find is to use layers, both lightweight and chunky. For this particular outfit, I threw on a cotton check shirt over a white t-shirt and on top of that, threw on my go-to item, my ever faithful denim jacket. I find it best to pick one up in a lighter wash as this will see you through every season (I’ve had mine for nearly three years now and denim only improves with age). I decided to be brave and go for double denim, pairing the top layers with my other first choice item, the trust black jeans. I find double denim can work extremely well if pulled off correctly but if not them it can your worst enemy (I’m looking at you JT and Britany!)

For my footwear, I kept with the worker and masculine theme and threw on some distressed, black military boots. For me, the shoes can make or break an outfit. How many times have you been admiring a persons choice of outfit only to be disappointed when you glance down and the shoes stick out like a sore thumb. Anyways, hopefully the weather will improve soon and along with it, the tonal outfits and pastel tones will be making an appearance.

Shirt – Topman

Jacket – All Saints

Jeans – Topman

Shoes – ‘H by Hudson’ –

I hope you enjoyed reading this and any feedback is welcomed as always. Until next time!




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