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Blogging 101 Challenge Day 6: Message in a Blog Bottle

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Hey everyone! For todays challenge I really had to think long and hard about who my dream reader was – that’s why its a bit later than usual. After much consideration (and a lot of procrastination) I decided I should make this post aimed towards the person who inspired me to start my very own blog: Mr Jim Chapman.

Side Note: Part of this assignment was to include a ‘new to me’ element into my blog, so hence a video detailing Jim Chapman better than I ever could.

Having followed Jim’s videos for a while now, sharing the same interests in fashion as him and growing to envy his lifestyle (he went to the London premiere of One Direction and gets suits sent to him!) he has been my driving inspiration to start my very own blog and maybe even one day my very own vlog channel on YouTube or some platform. But the main reason he has led me to start my own blog is seeing how much he entertains people and how much enjoyment he gets from doing so and I wish to replicate that for myself, just on a smaller scale for now.

So, if you do ever read my blog Jim Chapman, you are my dream reader because I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to do all this and without you, there would be no me, no this and no future prospects. Oh, and how do you style you hair so nicely? 🙂 (You don’t ask, you don’t get, right?)

So long for now! #zerotohero



  1. Hi! Swinged by cause of your comment. I can’t see the header tho is there a problem with the uploading? Might wanna try again. I like the easy nature of your posts, so keep it up!

    • Hey, I’ve had a play around and hopefully fixed it, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Your blog looks great as well.

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