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O.O.T.D. – 18th April 2014

As winter parts and spring starts to settle in, the warmer weather descends on us. And with this recent climate change, a wardrobe shuffle about is needed – out with the chunky knits and the wool coats and in with the lightweight jackets and pastel tones. With the sun being out today a spontaneous beer garden session was required. As such, I have kept my outfit casual but on the formal side, teeming indigo demin jeans with my trust favourite desert boots – I have a serious man crush on this things, they can make any outfit look more masculine simply by throwing them on, and a tan suede pair with go with anything. Being as I live in Britain, the weather can take a turn for the worse at any given moment so I decided on a thin, light grey sweatshirt and layered it with a lightweight navy bomber jacket.

The holy tandem of grey, blue and brown is ever present in this outfit and can be used in literally any outfit without fear of clashing and will instantly make any outfit look pulled together and that you know what you a doing. the key to keeping the outfit casual was to keep the belt and shoes in the same colour – brown – but make sure they are different shades. I tend to find that matching belts to shoes on casual outfits to be a bit too pretentious and can look overdone. Belts are by far my favourite accessory and I always find I can never leave home without one.

Jeans – River Island

Sweatshirt – Topman

Jacket – Topman

Shoes –

I hope you enjoyed my very first outfit of the day and any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully this can be the start of a beautiful relationship between us!


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