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Blogging 101 Challenge Day 3 – Remind my Mind

Todays Assignment – “write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.”

With challenge day 2 being to revisit my blog title and tagline (a work in progress) its time to move on to day 3. My intention to start blogging was based on my interest of the world of men’s style and fashion with the idea of having my very own personal and professional site that can help and educate people in the world of fashion. So I guess I should write about something fashion-y (yeah, that’s a word now) soooo like my first style blog, I’ll keep things simple and short. Please be kind and bear with me as this is my first attempt at writing – we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

The Power of a Plain White Tee

For the longest time, the staple of any mans wardrobe has been simple yet elegant, casual yet sophisticated, understated yet central, all whilst being one of the easiest items to wear. I am, of course, talking about a white t-shirt. Its not hard to see why such a simple garment is regarded in such high stead – all the style icons, past and present, deem it crucial and the crux to any capsule wardrobe.

A good fitting white t-shirt will almost undoubtedly become the most versatile piece of your closet and what person doesn’t like to get their money out of a product! To start, purchase one with a V-neck – the manliness of a V will create a strong upper body silhouette, making your shoulders look broader and the sleeves should brush the middle of the bicep while the slim fit variety will fall nicely around the waist, adding to the desired ‘triangle’ frame of the ideal man.

For casual occasions, a white tee can look great on its own throw on with a slim fitting pair of jeans and some appropriate footwear. For the colder days (this coming from a man living in Britain) layer it with a well fitting jacket and your away. It also works as a great base layer. Simply throw one on under and shirt, jumper or cardigan and your away. For more formal affairs without going over the top, such as a club or drinks in town with friends, try one under a blazer with jeans:

casual 1

casual 2

formal 1

So I hope this has been some help in getting your foot into the wide world of fashion and mens style.
Today we have both learnt something. For you the reader, never underestimate the power of a basic t-shirt, and for me, how to begin my journey into fashion blogging and starting to think seriously about the direction of where I want to go. I hope you will all join me on this wonderful and sometimes weird adventure of evolution.


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