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Blogging 101 Challenge Day 1 – Nice To Meet Ya!

“Todays Assignment: write and publish a ‘who I am and why I’m here’ post.”

And so my blogging challenge begins and with it, my blogging venture into a big, bad online universe! So I’ll waste no time and skip to the good bit (no copyright infringement intended to Rizzle Kicks). My name is Danny, I’m 23 years young and I’m from the glorious England. And I’m here to rock your world! Ok, so the last bit is a bit much for my first post but we can dream. I am starting this blog to hopefully indulge into my hobby and interest in men’s fashion and bring some sartorial style education and entertainment for anyone that will listen!

Over the coming months, as my skills and confidence grows during this challenge, I will start to evolve my content, hopefully set up a schedule and try to bring a new means of fashion inspiration for all you lovely people. But all of that is in the future and for now, lets live in the moment and embrace this post and raise a glass to a happy and long future together into the world of blogging!




  1. Congrats on getting that “first” post out of the way with Zero to Hero! And as I have absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever, I probably should be clicking that little follow button above to keep on up things – maybe I’ll learn a thing or two!

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